CWS AirControl Flowershop - fragrance refill

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CWS has developed attractive range of varied and refreshing fragrances to create appealing atmosphere and minimise unpleasant odours in washrooms or any other public areas. It helps to reassure visitors that your facility is clean and hygienic. It cares for a positive view of your business.

CWS AirControl battery operated air fresheners automatically dispense pleasant and lasting essential oil based fragrance. Non-aerosol fragrancing units neutralise malodours within the toilet cubicles and next to urinals. They do not spray accidentally on people using your facilities. CWS AirControl cartridge refill system distributes fragrance only onto a fragrance pad and the efficient and quiet fan finally dispenses it around. CWS-boco regular service provides exchange of fragrance refills and programing the CWS AirControl air fresheners.

This CWS AirControl Flowershop fragrance is a natural composition of fresh-green elements of the Orange Bloom, Viola, and Freesia. The core flavour is combined with white blooms like Jasmin

Ask CWS-boco hygiene expert about our rental offer for washroom dispensers and sustainable service tailored to your specific requirements.

Item number: 697000

Your benefits:

  • attractive fragrance for long-lasting freshness in commercial washrooms and public areas
  • regular exchange of fragrance bottles and unit programing by a qualified CWS service specialist

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Product services
  • advice from the CWS-boco hygiene expert
  • professional installation of dispensers
  • hassle-free rental and maintenance program
  • regular delivery of supplies and consumables
  • service training for your cleaners
  • safe, user- and eco-friendly solutions
Green Facts
  • components of CWS AirControl fragrance are harmless to the environment
  • capacity: 80 ml