5 Reasons Workwear Rental is the smarter choice

boco workwear its a Smarter and Safer Choice

Why Garment Rental is good for business

Renting workwear instead of buying – does it make good business sense? When deciding whether to buy or rent workwear, there are many aspects to consider. Workwear is about cost, about image, about employees identifying with the company – and about occupational health and safety.

The boco rental service: Why you should rent your workwear

Maintaining workwear is time-consuming:  Do what you do best and focus on your business and let us look after your workwear.

Work trousers and jackets should always be clean and free from damage to make sure staff leave a good impression on customers. If employees are left to clean their workwear on their own, tears and holes can quickly be overlooked.

Avod damaging your workwear, fabric softener. Fabric softeners can severely damage reflectors or protective features such as flame protection in personal protective equipment (PPE).

Companies that want to make sure that all workwear is clean and intact should not leave this responsibility to their employees. Rental service providers like boco offer a well-organised service that takes the stress out of managing workwear.


Workwear: Five reasons why it’s the smarter and safer choice

1. We collect the workwear so that you don’t have to think about it

Our boco drivers collects dirty/used workwear directly from our customers’ and return them to our laundries. On request and depending on customer requirments, we can provide a locker service: Employees throw worn work trousers, jackets and shirts into a designated locker we provide.

The boco driver empties the locker regularly and takes the dirty clothes back to the laundry. Our customers don’t even have to think about their laundry, prepare it to be collected or even make plans for any cleaning processes: We manage it all for you in a timly manner.

2. We wash it in accordance with international standards for optimal results

Different kinds of workwear requires different care – and boco emplyees are experts in processing workwear.  Before the workwear is washed, all pockets are checked. If we find anything – mobile phones, money, keys, etc. – we keep it safe until it can be returned to its owner.  All laundry is sorted and seperated according to its colour, how dirty it is and industry. This is mostly done automatically by means of an RFID tag that is sewn into each item.

After this automatic sorting process, the laundry, is washed hygienically clean before being dried. We wash about 80 million pieces of clothing per year and, in doing so, observe international hygiene and environmental standards and ensure sustainability. Our laundries are equipped with modern washing machines that consume as little water as possible. We also test alternative washing techniques that require even less water.

3.Workwear is repaired so that your employees always look professional

Care and repair: In case the workwear is damaged, it is repaired directly in the laundry facility: We sew on new zips or buttons. Small holes or tears are mended. If a piece is too damaged for further wear, it is replaced. This is especially important for people who wear PPE, as their safety can depend on well-maintained apparel.

our customers receive their workwear back in clean and hygienic condition. We know that employees with a uniform and well-groomed appearance are walking advertisements for their companies. We know that they are the first impression every customer will get of your company. And we understand how important that is.

4. We fold and wrap every piece so it is ready for use each time.

Clean and dry: To ensure every piece reaches its destination clean just as it leaves our laundry facility , the work trousers and jackets are transported either on a hanger or folded inside a plastic bag. When it reaches our customers, it can be used right away.

5. We deliver the workwear – directly to your locker on request!

Our service driver delivers the rented workwear directly back to you. Every employee receives his or her clothing back in time – clean, repaired and optimally maintained. If you so wish, our boco driver will sorts each piece into the employees’ personal lockers. This is where our RFID tags come into play again: They make sure that everybody gets their individual attire back.


To find out more why not email us at sales.ie@CWS-boco.com or call us directly at 01-4606000

Benefits of a rental workwear service

  • The rental system for workwear offers customers a wealth of advantages:

  • There is no work involved ensuring work clothes are properly washed to exacting industrial standards.

  • We make sure that the workwear is optimally maintained.

  • Your colleagues look professional at all times.

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