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    Workwear Rental Service

    CWS-boco Ireland Ltd has a wealth of expertise, providing professional workwear services to all business sectors. We put the emphasis on modern cuts, clever features to ensure high functionality with a professional look ideal for any workplace.
    Our design team of product specialists use traditional and cutting-edge techniques to ensure quality and work place comfort. At boco we invest continuously in research and developments of new and innovative materials and technologies to best suit the demands of our customers and their rapidly changing industries. Get the CWS-boco Workwear positive effect: It communicates and promotes an image, underlines competence, enhances company and brand recognition, creates trust and strengthens team spirit among the employees.
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    Clean Room Solutions

    The Micronclean production facility is made up of modular cleanrooms that are designed to meet both the U.S. Federal Standard 209E and the ISO 14644 Standard requirements.
    Our extensive distribution network allows us to provide a nationwide service from our cleanroom facility in Spiddal, Co. Galway. The Micronclean Ireland's Spiddal plant is regarded as one of the largest and most advanced cleanroom garment processing plant in Europe. The Micronclean production facility is made up of modular cleanrooms that are designed to meet both the U.S. Federal Standard 209E and the ISO 14644 Standard requirements. To cater for the diverse nature of the cleanroom industry, the Micronclean plant is divided into a number of cleanroom production areas suitable for processing garments for use in either ISO Class 4 or ISO Class 7 areas. In addition to our Standard Garment Rental Service Micronclean provides the option of a gamma irradiation service for garments used in the manufacture of sterile medicinal products. This service is performed in accordance with all relevant GMP Guidelines and EU Directives. To compliment our cleanroom garment processing and decontamination services, Micronclean also offers a comprehensive range of sterile and non-sterile cleanroom consumable products suitable for most cleanroom applications. Our commitment to quality and product innovation, combined with our comprehensive range of garments and services will provide you with a tailor-made solution for effective contamination control throughout your facility. Micronclean Ireland is part of the CWS-boco Group, specialists in workwear garments, washroom services, linen rental, dust control mats and sterile cleanroom supplies
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    Mat Floorcare Solutions

    Designed as a superior dust control barrier, our dust control mats (floorcare) provide unparalleled protection against the dirt and moisture that can track into your building.
    CWS-boco provide a mat / floorcare rental service in a choice of 4 standard colours and 3 standard sizes. We also provide High Definition customised logo or message mats. All mats are available on a rental basis – therefore professionally laundered and treated. Our unique High Definition technology allows reproduction of detailed patterns and designs in vibrant colours. Promote your brand and elevate the aesthetics of your entrance, office, reception, high traffic or welcome desk by ordering one of our custom logo mats.
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    Complete Washroom Solutions

    Our Complete Washroom Solutions, designed to combine cutting edge design with cost effective consumables paper and soap to cater for the most discerning of customers. CWS sets ecological standards in the washroom.
    Our exclusive range of CWS-boco washroom dispensers will always deliver a positive response from your customers and colleagues. An unattractive or neglected washroom is the most common reason customers may not return which can harm your business. Our exclusive range offers an optimal synergy of design, convenience and function – which also meets the growing demands on sustainability. CWS dispensers for towel rolls, fragrance, soap, toilet paper etc. help public washroom to ensure the greatest possible hygiene, functional solutions and a modern atmosphere.
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    Surgical Supplies Solutions

    CWS-boco’s strength lies in our ability to maintain a local focus by customising our products and services to suit the requirements of Irish clinicians and their patients.
    CWS-boco processes all our sterile reusable products locally in Ireland combining expert Irish knowledge with local production personnel. This allows enormous flexibility when configuring your selection of gowns and drapes. Choose from an extensive combinations to suit your exacting clinical needs. From our manufacturing base in Dublin can guarantee you on time delivery at a frequency that suits your needs and within 24 hours or less in emergencies. CWS-boco can also provide an on-site just in time delivery service whereby trained service staff will visit your Hospital on a daily or weekly basis to establish your stock requirements and relay this information either directly to our manufacturing site, saving you valuable time and resources.
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Cutting Edge Workwear Designed and manufactured for our client’s specific requests.
Cleanroom, Hi Tech, Pharma, Manufacturing
Micronclean Ireland has consistently set the standards for Ireland's cleanroom reusable garment industry.
Entrance Mat, Mat, Dust Mat
Make a statement with CWS-boco complete Mat Floorcare Solutions.
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Cutting edge dispensers with efficient dynamic solutions for any washroom.
Hospital Reuse, Workwear, Packs
Sterile Surgical Supplies in our ISO Class 6-8 Cleanroom production unit.

What sets us apart

  • Quality

    With our products we want to set trends and innovate markets. That´s why we have created competent teams in all areas of our company to develop new product solutions. Our high quality standards form the basis for ensuring customer satisfaction across our services Workwear, Washroom innovations and Floorcare
  • Innovation

    Our ambition is to further grow our business as the market leader of customised textile rental and washroom services through product and service innovation
  • Sustainability

    We recognise the value in minimising our environmental impact. CWS-boco stands for quality, hygiene and sustainability. Our corporate philosophy of “Serving you - serving nature” summarises what we see as an absolute priority: service in the interests of people and the environment.
  • Drive for Results

    We have our industry’s most modern and effective service infrastructure. Consistent customer positioning and efficient production and distribution form the basis for ensuring our sustainable growth. We want to be measured against our results - day by day.
  • Integrity

    We regard trust as a priority. Everyone who works with CWS-boco can be sure of our loyalty and our reliability – no matter whether colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders or our neighbours in the local communities in which we operate: we stand by our word.
  • Service Spirit

    We have a commitment to our customers. Great customer service has always been a cornerstone for the success of CWS-boco Ireland. Our qualified, experienced customer service representatives will always take care of our customer's needs.
  • Our People

    We provide a workplace that motivates people. People shape the company they work for! Our aim is to have employees capable of working with initiative and foresight with a “can-do” attitude. In return we offer them a modern workplace, entrust them with responsibility and invest in their on going training.