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Dublin Plant

Our newest plant was opened in November 2010 and is divided into three areas including the processing and sterilisation of surgical supplies, processing of textile dust control mats and processing of cotton roller towels while also serving as a base for the Dublin market. Our Head Office is also located in this building.

CWS-boco Ireland Ltd.
Unit 34,
Fonthill Business Park,
Dublin 22

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Phone:  01 – 460 6000
Fax: 01 – 460 6001

Cork Plant

This plant was established in 2004 and upgraded in 2013. It is equipped with state of the art laundry equipment for the processing of hospitality Linen and workwear garments.

CWS-boco Ireland Ltd.
Frank Boland Industrial Estate
Mallow Road

Phone:  01 – 460 6000
Fax: 01 – 460 6001

Spiddal Plant

This plant processes cleanroom garments and is made up of modular cleanrooms that are designed to meet both the U.S. federal standard 209E and the ISO 14644 requirements. To cater for the diverse nature of the cleanroom industry, this plant is divided into a number of cleanroom production areas suitable for processing garments for use in either ISO Class 4 or ISO Class 7/8 cleanroom applications.

Micronclean Ireland Ltd.
Spiddal Industrial Estate,
Spiddal, Co. Galway

Phone:  091 – 553 066
Fax: 091 – 553 068


In addition to the aforementioned laundry facilities, the company also operates four logistic warehouses in Limerick, Galway, Sligo and Wexford.

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