Leading in Service Quality and Innovation!

To achieve this goal, we have implemented:

  • an experienced customer service organisation, which covers all aspects of our business throughout Ireland
  • an innovative, cloud computing based customer relationship management system
  • advanced hand-held devices for our drivers, which are linked to our customer relationship management system
  • state-of-the-art Cleanroom technology

Our ambition is to further grow our business as the market leader of customised textile rental and washroom services through product and service innovation.

Our CWS ParadiseLine is an example of CWS-boco’s ambition to introduce innovative products into Ireland.

The CWS ParadiseLine roller towel cabinet features automatic retraction after each use and delivers more than 100 portions of clean towel from our environmentally friendly CWS cotton rollers.

Many of our washroom dispensers are available as a non-touch version. Sensors recognise users and dispense a portion of cotton roller towel or soap.

In addition the decorative front panels of the CWS ParadiseLine dispensers are interchangeable and can be also individually customised to adapt the customer’s washroom interior design or to convey an advertising message.

In co-operation with CWS-boco International we continue to develop innovative and eco-friendly products that are designed to improve hygiene, reduce cost and enhance convenience.