What sets us apart!

Our values at CWS-boco


Everything we do is influenced by our inspiration to do the very best we can. We never fail to deliver top-quality services, thanks to our attention to detail and our disciplined approach to our work. We have an obligation towards our customers. We attend to their needs, listen to what they have to say and endeavour to identify their wishes early on and deliver lasting solutions to their problems. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of every single member of staff.


We recognise the importance of minimising our ecological footprint. This isn't just for the benefit of the places where we work - it is also a driving force behind our long-term business success and our commitment to social responsibility. We promote sustainable services. We are constantly improving the energy efficiency of our laundry facilities and of our service logistics.


It is very important to us that the people with whom we work trust us and can put their faith in our loyalty and reliability, be colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders or the people living in the communities where we work. We say what we mean and do what we say. We keep our promises and assume responsibility for the things we do.


We offer jobs that encourage people to provide our customers with excellent services on a daily basis. We place our trust in our employees by delegating responsibilities to them and by providing them with ongoing training and qualification opportunities. We endeavour to earn our employees' trust and loyalty. We want to be their employer of choice and provide an open leadership culture, which is motivational and based on cooperation.

Focus on results

Systematic customer orientation, efficient production and distribution form the backbone of our sustainable and profitable growth. We have the most up-to-date and the most efficient service infrastructure in the industry. Our ability to compete is not dependent on the underlying economic conditions and is the key driving force behind out long-standing customer relations.