Cleanroom Services

Micronclean's Cleanroom Services include the supply, processing, decontamination, delivery and collection of a range of specialised clothing to the cleanroom industry. Utilizing the most technically advanced fabrics available the company offers a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to all your cleanroom garment requirements from design through to delivery.

Barrier Wash and Drying in cleanroom ISO 14644-1, Class 4 controlled environment.

Barrier washing and drying in ISO 14644-1, Class 4 Cleanroom environment. 

Inspection, folding and packing process in cleanroom controlled environment.

Inspection, folding and packing process in Cleanroom environment.

Each batch of cleanroom garments is tested using the Helmke Drum Test.

Each batch of cleanroom garments is tested using the Helmke Drum Test.

Computer steered, automatic drying process in tunnel dryer.

GMP garment process.

In addition Micronclean’s comprehensive cleanroom garment service provides the Company Clothing Management System offering its customers:

  • Technical and Service support
  • Monthly or quarterly review of garment stock levels
  • Measurement of new wearers at start-up or renewal
  • Advice and training of customer representatives on correct gowning procedures
  • Guaranteed continuous garment supply

Micronclean’s established Standard Stock Programme reduces lead times by using standard designs with a variety of styles to choose from. Standard garments are tailored from proven fabrics and specifications that are backed up by Microncleans quality guarantee. As an added benefit to our customers, Mironclean carry an extensive range of stock at any given time – ensuring continuity of supply at all times.

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