Mopping System

The ‘Compliance 100®’ Mop System

This unique Compliance 100® System removes the need for buckets, wringers or trolleys which are both difficult to clean and sterilise. The only ‘hardware’ in the system is a folding mop head and handle. The system is designed for cleanroom use up to classification 100/ISO 4/GMP A or B. In this type of higher specification cleanroom items entering should, where possible, be sterilised. Compliance 100® mops may also be supplied either DRY or PRE-IMPREGNATED with rotational sterile disinfectants.

The Compliance 100® system is also available with disinfectant already impregnated and the whole system gamma sterilised. This not only ensures a consistent calibrated optimum dose level has been applied (to achieve 20 m2 per mop) but also saves the cost of purchasing separate sterile disinfectant, the associated packaging.

Security and Traceability - by design

Micronclean’s Compliance 100® Mop System is designed just for GMP manufacturers. The set of mop heads issued to each customer is dedicated so you never receive other customers’ mops. To ensure this, each mop is both barcoded (which are scanned in and out of Micronclean) and site-specically labelled. The system meets the strict requirements of regulated industry by:

  • Individual traceability
  • Simplifying Procedure Development (SOP)
  • Validatability

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