Corporate responsibility


Sustainability is not simply a project for us. Rather, it is a deeply ingrained part of our business model. As a provider of textiles on a rental basis, the concept of providing reusable textile products and laundering them in a resource-saving manner is a definite part of our corporate policy.

We are setting out our commitment to sustainability in the areas of business, the environment, employees and society in this Corporate Responsibility Report.

We are documenting the strategic importance of sustainability and its active integration into our business activities on the basis of quantitative and qualitative facts from the international CWS-boco Group.

The new Sustainability Intermediate Report 2016 of the CWS-boco group shows how the company's commitment has developed in the nine biggest subsidiaries during the year 2015. According to the motto "Handle with care", we achieved significant milestones again.

Report Highlights

Please find the most important facts here:

  • Two years ago, 439 washrooms were allowed to wear the Ecolabel ecoilet. In 2015 there were already 2,098.
  • In 2015 79% of the service drivers were equipped with the route optimisation app "Optimize My Day" (OMD). This saved a CWS-boco over 1.2 million kilometers.
  • The duration of the average customer relationship has been increased to 12.9 years.
  • The number of towel dispensers, which arrived in the Swiss Upcycling Center for further processing, increased in 2015 compared to last year by 14 percent.
  • The purchase of organic cotton for the product manufacturing rose in 2015 by 12 tons, an increase of 59%.

Since 2013, CWS-boco documented all important international key figures in a detailed Corporate Responsibility (CR) report − making it as transparent as no other company in the industry.