Corporate responsibility sustainability intermediate report 2018

Corporate Sustainability Reusable Workwear

Reporting on our sustainability activities is an integral part of our CR management system.

Reporting on our sustainability activities is an integral part of our CR management system.

By transparently outlining the sustainability issues of strategic relevance to our company, we are demonstrating to our stakeholders how the social, ecological and economic impacts of our business activities are taken into account in our strategic decision-making. This ensures that our company grows and develops sustainably. Our sustainability endeavours focus on several strategically important areas of activity which, as from 2017, are reflected in three reporting areas: Customers & Employees, Products & Origin and Laundries & Logistics. This structure enables us to report on our sustainability activities across all parts of our business model.

In total, CWS-boco washes around 176,147 tonnes of textiles each year and delivers 130 million items to customers. The company’s social and ecological engagement is documented in an annual CR report. Since 2013, CWS-boco has been reporting its CR activities – with appealing charts and reports. Now, the final online version of the CR report 2017 has been published.

The new report’s highlights:

  • New life: Of 60,623 towel dispensers sent to the CWS-boco upcycling center for professional disposal, 73 % could be repaired and returned to full working order. In 2015, the figure was 56 %.
  • On average, our customer relationships now last for 13.3 years (up from 12.9 in 2015).
  • ecoilet an ongoing success story: Two years ago, only 439 washrooms bore this environmental seal; in 2016, this figure had risen to 2,581. ecolet currently not available in Ireland.
  • In 2016, we organised 38 % more further training measures for employees than in 2015.
  • Around 90 % of CWS-boco workplaces were tested for accident risks. If necessary, corresponding safety measures were implemented.


*Since 2013, CWS-boco documented all important international key figures in a detailed Corporate Responsibility (CR) report − making it as transparent as no other company in the industry.