CWS-boco Ireland remove 42 tonnes (and counting) from landfill

Workwear that has added energy


Sustainability is and always will be a key factor of our business model.  We are constantly looking at our systems and improving our sustainability efforts.  See our latest sustainability report on

Our Cork processing facility reviewed how end of life garments are managed. End of life garments are workwear garments that have been taken out of circulation because the garments are no longer acceptable to our quality standards.  Before the review of our processes, all end of life garments were sent directly to landfills. While this was hugely negative in terms of the environment and our sustainability goals, it also posed a business risk as old garments could be salvaged from landfill sites or waste handling facilities by unauthorised third parties.

We considered what other companies were doing but we were not completely happy with the results. Our new process, is in partnership with Cork Recycling Co who understand our sustainability goals.  Cork Recycling, a local company provide dedicated sealed containers to the CWS-boco Cork plant solely for collecting end of life garments. Once the garments are collected they are sent to the recycling facility as a controlled batch where they are shredded and turned into a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). This is used as a fuel source to produce energy.  With the success of the recycling of end of life workwear we are now trailing end of life dust mats and some of our reusable Sterile Supplies garments. 

Results are positive:  As of July we have converted 42 tonnes of garments and mats into energy and away from landfill. Annualised this could be as much as 72 tonnes taken out of landfill sites.  This is an example of how the workwear rental model contributes to our sustainability business model and how our customers contribute to Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).

This initiative is driven by our facility in Cork. The feedback from visiting customers to our plant has been very positive with our innovative sustainable approach to the environment.  If you would like to discuss your workwear please feel free in contacting us at 01-4606000 our