CWS Dust Control Mat collection

Entrances are every building’s business card. They make a lasting first impression on guests when visiting your company. With CWS dust control solutions, you are letting your customers and guests know right from the entrance that they are in good hands. Whatever the format – standard, round, rectangular or customised – CWS dust control mats emphasise your company’s unique image.

In transition areas, between production and office areas, in front of and in lifts, at escalators, at coffee machines, in the cafeteria, in the delivery area or in access or departure areas, CWS dust control mats stop dirt, moisture and dust, prevent slipping, protect valuable floors and promote a neat and tidy image.

Last but not least, CWS dust control mats help to lower your cleaning costs. Studies show: Effective dust control solutions can cut the costs of floor cleaning by up to 70 %. Cleanliness that pays off. 

Our Dust Control Mats solutions

  • Standard mats

    Our mats reliably stop dust, dirt and moisture; they protect floors and ensure a high-quality appearance.
    A special high-twist nylon pile makes CWS mats especially suitable for absorbing fine dirt and moisture. The mats with a scraper surface finish make an ideal barrier against coarse dirt in roofed entrance areas. There are a variety of sizes and designs available to choose from.
  • Logo Mats

    Whether with a logo or advertising slogan, customised mats emphasise your company’s unique image. CWS offers a broad range of individual design options.
    More than 150 standard colours and numerous individual colours together with first-class, virtually photographic print quality ensure the creative realisation of your personal ideas. In your own corporate design, to mark certain areas or as an advertising message, with you we design customised mats which are sure to make an impression. You present your company, brand or message where you want it to be noticed.
  • Shaped mats

    Special reception areas demand unusual ideas. The CWS dust control mats offer customised and innovative options to give your entrance areas a unique look.
    The range of shapes, colours and designs which can be freely selected provide for extravagant eye-catchers. In order to visualise your company and philosophy right from the very first moment, design your dust control mats with your corporate design with CWS. Put the focus firmly on your advertising and message; let your imagination run wild!
  • Outdoor mats

    CWS-boco outdoor mats are designed specifically for heavy duty and outdoor applications.
    They are often used in the atria or entrances, in places where a regular mat would be unsuitable. The mat is made of nylon on the rubber base with a special structure of hardened fibers. Sharp and irregular surfaces of fiber help to clean the footwear. At entrances it is recommended to use the outdoor mat in conjunction with the CWS dust mat.
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats.

    The anti-fatigue mat is a medically tested specialised product which reacts to minimal body movements and helps remove the stress of standing.
    It has unique cushioning functions that stimulates blood circulation, reduces fatigue and loss of performance and alleviates discomfort in the lower back and leg muscles. The anti-fatigue mat made of 100 % nitrile rubber is suitable for all areas in which employees are required to stand for long periods of time, such as in hotels and restaurants, airports, petrol stations, manufacturing or industrial environments, banks and shops.
The winner against dirt and moisture.
Set an example with design.
Designed to meet your requirements.
Designed for heavy duty.
Stress relief.