Our textile service

CWS-boco is one of Europe’s leading providers of textile rental and laundry services. Our rental system saves on purchasing, storage, admin and maintenance costs. We wash and deliver textiles such as garments, linen, mats and washroom supplies right to your doorstep. Punctuality you can rely on, week after week.


1. Collection of dirty laundry

2. Sorting

3. Environmentally friendly washing and drying procedures.

4. Professional repairs or exchange

5. Quality inspections and laboratory tests.

6. Delivery


We are here for you

We take pride in servicing our customers and keeping their operations running efficiently. By leveraging our laundries, our truck fleet and a vast experience in the industry, we are able to provide dynamic and cost effective services.

Based on individually agreed delivery schedules we exchange re-usable textiles such as garments, linen, mats and roller towels on a frequent basis. Soiled products are being collected at customer’s premises and washed in our state-of the art laundries. During the washing process we guarantee thermal disinfection and professional care. Damaged products are being repaired and worn products are being replaced.

High expectation on quality is just as much part of our corporate policy as is environmental protection. We therefore use the most modern technologies, and have certified quality management in place.

Outsourcing textile management and hygiene solutions to CWS-boco offers significant benefits. Our customers save costs, free up time, space, staff and capital and are able to concentrate on their core business.