CWS Washroom solutions

We all need to use the washroom. With CWS brand we aim to ensure that the experience of your customers and staff is always pleasant and so we provide a comprehensive range of washroom products combined with the very highest level of service. Our Swiss designed product range combines innovative and stylish dispensers for washing, sanitizing and drying hands; sanitising toilet seats, toilet paper dispensers, air fragrance units and feminine hygiene products.

Our Complete Washroom Solutions are designed to combine leading edge design with a range of cost effective consumables to cater for the most discerning of customers.

Our Washroom Solutions

  • ParadiseLine

    At CWS we consider high-quality washroom equipment to not only be a sign of appreciation towards customers and employees, but also your company’s “business card”.
    As the trendsetter in hygiene, design and customised solutions, we are proud to present CWS ParadiseLine, our innovative line of dispensers. The CWS Paradise towel, soap and fragrance dispensers have front panels available in various colours and finishes. This gives you the possibility to create the perfect match between your washroom and your dispensers. The Paradise dispenser design and seven premium colours give any washroom a sleek and stylish feel and convey a feeling of safety, hygiene and comfort to washroom visitors.
  • Industry Line

    Employees particularly in workshop and industrial operations have to deal with dirty hands every day.
    That is why it is important that they can clean their hands thoroughly after work but still care for their skin. CWS Industry Line has a sleek design but a robust construction. It gives your employees an effective and convenient cleaning.
  • Consumables

    CWS has a wide range of washroom supplies and consumables to fit your every need.
    For examples the CWS cotton towel roll, woven of 100% pure cotton with soft fabric that is gentle to the skin, absorbent and cleans right down to the pores. CWS liquid soap has a skin-friendly formula without perfume, a good choice for clean and healthy hands. CWS has much more! Order your consumables today and have them delivered free of charge on your next scheduled delivery day.
Trendsetter in hygiene and design
Powerful against dirt.
Wide range of washroom supplies