Hand Hygiene

  • An essential contribution of hygiene.

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Do you know how important thorough washing of hands can be for your health? Hand washing plays a key role in hygiene. It is a well-known fact that most infectious diseases are transmitted via hands. Regular hand washing can prevent many infections. For example, the risk of respiratory diseases can be reduced by up to 45% through hand washing. In most cases, all it takes is 40 seconds, a little water, soap and a clean towel in order to protect oneself from germs in daily life.


Hand Washing

Washing your hands with soap is an effective way to maintain health and hygiene. CWS provides an extensive  range of soap dispensers and hand sanitisers that fulfil all work place requirements while promoting a more hygienic environment.

Be it an office, factory, pub, restaurant, hotel, school or public building - our experienced Sales Team will gladly assist you in choosing the right products.

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Hand Drying

Efficient hand drying can be even more important than hand washing itself by preventing the growth of bacteria. We provide a range of hand drying methods suitable for different washroom environments.

The CWS cotton roller towel has helped to protect millions of hands for over half a century – retractable towels, quick drying times, user convenience, low noise levels, no waste disposal allows you to maintain your washroom clean and tidy at all times.

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