6 benefits of a managed Uniform/Workwear service

Workwear Rental Manahed Service

1.Garment maintenance - With a managed service/  workwear, uniforms are maintained, washed, and replaced by CWS-boco Ireland Ltd. A contracted service eliminates the need to manage a workwear program in-house.

2.Contamination CWS-boco Ireland - Industrial laundering programs are better able to handle proper wash requirements for uniforms/workwear that come into contact with food or hazardous materials.

3.Quality – Uniforms/workwear are maintained to higher quality standards using workwear designed to meet quality, health and safety and regulatory requirements.

4.Cost savings - With no upfront purchase costs and inclusive laundering plus any needed repairs and replacements of all workwear, managed uniform programs can help businesses realize significant cost savings.

5.Storage space - Contracting uniform service frees up required storage space for other uses.

6.Uniform program management – Uniforms/workwear can be used as a level of security and safety for employees, CWS-boco Ireland helps in managing the process through inventory, maintenance, repair, etc.

CWS-boco Ireland Ltd has a wealth of expertise, providing professional workwear services to all business sectors.  The boco design team of product specialists use traditional and cutting-edge techniques to ensure quality and work place comfort.  At boco we invest continuously in research and developments of new and innovative materials and technologies to best suit the demands of our customers and their rapidly changing industries. 

Hotels and restaurants, for example, go for uniforms and workwear where individuality and flexibility are essential. The boco Service & Catering collections are completely in line with current trends.

Optimal safety from workplace hazards

Employees feel at ease in boco workwear from the modern and functional boco collections, always look smart and competent – and are optimally protected against any workplace hazards that might arise.

The boco experience in workwear for all sectors of industry with demanding requirements has enabled CWS-boco Ireland Ltd to establish ourselfs as a "must have" in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  The boco range of PPE clothing is ideal in all places where employees are exposed to potential hazards.  CWS-boco Ireland Ltd can be relied upon to support and help you with our Industrial textile clothing range.

Keep costs under control with our rental service

Personnel, machinery, space and detergents  – the washing and laundering of textiles yourself means a high outlay in every respect. So it makes sense to have this work done professionally and cost-efficiently under a rental service agreement with CWS-boco Ireland Ltd. Cost savings: No capital investment in the purchase, internal storage, cleaning and care of workwear.

CWS-boco's company-owned, certified laundries guarantee careful and controlled laundering and care of workwear – at the same time ensuring that all protective functions have a long service life. And, where necessary, damaged items are repaired professionally and worn items replaced.

Work clothing collections are designed to meet the quality, health & safety and regulatory requirements of the Irish and European market.

Contemporary boco workwear range has been created to provide fashionable and comfortable garments which enhance the corporate image of your business in today's fast paced and changing working environment.

The boco range includes wortkwear that is :-

  • Radiation Protection
  • Welder Protection
  • Heat and Flame Protection
  • Protective Clothing - electrostatic properties
  • Chemical protection
  • High visibility (hi Vis)
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Food approved


The Benefits

Uniform workwear is a recommended option for employees whose work entails person-to-person contact with customers, manufacturing, services, food, medical, cleanroom, healthcare and facilities management. With garments functionally tailored to the requirements of each business sector.   

The boco Uniform workwear range generates positive effects:

  • underlines expertise and professionalism
  • enhances your company and great for brand recognition
  • creates trust
  • strengthens team spirit among employees

CWS-boco Ireland Ltd workwear rental services provide you with the following benefits:

  • budgetary control
  • fixed price agreements
  • stock support
  • traceability using barcode or RF-ID technology
  • validated wash processes and quality checked
  • weekly delivery and collections
  • on-site garment measuring service

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